5 Best Android Games With Size Small least 2019

5 Best Android Games With Size Small least 2019, Evolution of Android game never stops and continues to grow. Currently new games popping up with quality graphics and cool ciamik. We really will be spoiled with such graphic detail, especially when smartphones and Android tablets we've supports full HD resolution that makes the graphics more cool.

Unfortunately, the better graphics then the greater will be the size of the game. If you have a device with a large memory of course it is not a problem. But what if we only have the device memory specifications mediocre? It is certainly very disappointing you yes.

But you should not worry because this time I will review a set of lightweight Android games that have a size below 10 MB. Despite its small size, but this game is no less exciting with large-sized game that most online. Below is a list of Top 5 Android Game With The Smallest Size, Cekidot!

Although the game has graphics are arguably not too good, but Big Truck is one of the best Android game lightly, you know. Big Truck In this game, you will control a large truck. You need to run the truck on the track full of obstacles.

Maybe Big Truck can be very addictive game for you. Because the existing obstacles in the game Big Truck is enough to make players geregetan and annoyed. In addition to the game is simple, game Big Truck also has a very light capacity. You only need to provide 8.2 MB just to play it.

Skater Boy deserve you play on Android which has a specification with little RAM. Especially if you like to play games Subway Surfers, but your android inadequate specifications, the solution skater boy that plays this game.

Because in addition to light weight (only 9 MB), the game is also very fun because this game is similar also to the Subway Surfer, but the size is much smaller. You will get through the challenges that exist in the top of the building to win it.

Best Android Games With Size Small least the next 2019 Trainyard Express, this game is a simple puzzle game that is very unique and somewhat odd. In this game you have to run a train to the correct station. For example, the red train station should go into the red, kerete blue to blue stations, and so on. In this game there is no time limit or a score you are going to get.

The only task that you are putting the cart to the correct station. Although it sounds very simple, but it takes the right tactics and analysis in order to achieve it.

Game Dr. Driving is not a game that serves as Drag Racing race cars. Game Dr. Driving it presents a simulation game to drive a car. Here, players will be required to drive properly.

Not only that, there are some missions that must be completed in this game. For example, you will be required to drive a car at high speed. Sometimes you will also be asked to drive the need to save on gasoline. You also do not need khawtair trouble playing a game Dr. Driving this, the article all the controls in this game are very simple and will not make you dizzy.

Like racing games means you are required to play the game Racing Moto. This game will make you a street racer that runs at high speed through the city. In addition, you should also try to avoid obstacles such as cars that block the road and other obstacles.

Intrigued with the game? no harm dong download, because the game is just sized 6 MB only, so be sparing little RAM memory and of course will remain smooth. Because the graphics of this game are still below standard but still fun anyway.

Well that was a full review of the Top 5 Android Games With Size Small least 2019, you can download and you try it today. If you have any questions you want to say please write a comment dikolom yes. That is all and thank you.


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