5 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Can Be Uncovered

5 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Can Be Uncovered, The secret stored in each magic and illusion is a spectator who wants to be deceived and wants to believe in magic. For example, when cutting the abdomen, keep on cutting it again, but we will still smile happily and give a big round of applause after seeing the magic actions.

But in this article we will destroy the myth about the existence of the magic. So here it is 5 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Can Be Uncovered, Cekidot!

1. Magic Hat Tricks (Get Out the Rabbit From a Hat)

Maybe this magic trick, is the first magic trick that crossed your brain when thinking of magic. This trick is so famous that it used to be a magic symbol in the whole world.

Well it turns out that there are many ways to perform using this magic trick, of course the easiest one is to use a table with a hidden drawer to store the rabbit, but the hat must have a hidden hole, then enter your hand the copy that will penetrate the table.

2. Walking on Water

Walking on the Water is a dream of every magician but until now, only one person can walk on water, but I don't discuss it because it has a relationship with religion. Now that technology has developed to realize this trick, the first person who managed to see this trick into the world is Steven Frayne.

The show was very interesting to all the attention of people where the English magician managed to walk on the river in front of British citizens. Well it turns out that there was a glass in the water but Steven Frayne was told to practice the trick in the swimming pool so the glass would be clearly visible to all of us.

3. Chinese Water Torture Cell

Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Can Be Uncovered The next trick was designed and performed in 1912 by a magician named Harry Houdini, since then the trick of escaping from the Chinese Water Torture Cell has become one of the most difficult tricks done in the world.

But there are some easy ways to get rid of these cells, the secret is of course the lock of the cell itself. And of course you need strong physical training so you can hold your breath for a long time when one of the assistants from the magician secures the city the other assistant magician will move the bolt from the cell and the way he comes out only needs to use the abdominal muscles to do the fold.

4. Magamor Metamorphosis Tricks

Putting on the 19th century this one trick has won the hearts of the audience in the magic world, almost all magicians use a woman as their assistant, one of the great magicians, Houdini. Each of them performed this magic trick in different ways but the most excellent performance was Pendragon.

This husband and wife managed to give a perfect performance they managed to reduce the transfer time of less than 2 seconds in this trick a wife tied a husband before locking in a thick city and he stood in a box then followed a black cloth for terai. As a result, in an instant a wife exchanged places with her husband who was locked in the box.

5. Catching Bullets
Capturing a bullet is the oldest and most valued trick in the world of magic, this magic trick is indeed so perfect that in all the magic world almost uses this trick. But what can make this trick look so smooth is the foresight, time and shrewdness of hand skills that are so right. Oh yes, the bullet to be shown to the audience turned out to be fake.

Now that's the full review of the 5 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Can Be Uncovered, if there are questions that you want to convey, please write in the comments column below. That is all and thank you.


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