6 of the most widely used Youtubers video editing software

6 The Most Used Edit Video Software Youtubers, Apikasi edit video is software that is used to make various kinds of video editing purposes such as cutting, adding / merging videos, deleting parts of videos, breaking videos, making slow motion, adding text subtitles, adding effects / animation, inserting videos, adding / replacing audio or sound in videos, changing video formats and many other video processing needs that will make it easier for you to edit videos.

Well, this time I am here to give the 6 Most Used Video Edit Software Youtubers. I wonder what are the software? Let's see the full review below, Cekidot!

1. Sony Vegas Pro 13

As the name implies, this software is a video software made by Sony and can be regarded as one of the best and widely used by many people. This software has no doubt in making video and music and editing it.

By providing a lot of arguably features this is a professional class video editing software and is at the top level. Although it is a rival to Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X, it is equally large in the professional industry market as the best edit video application.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is one of the best free software on PC for the Windows platform. This fairly lightweight software can be used as a reliable video maker and video editor. VirtualDub can also record images on your PC screen.

You can save videos that you have created or edited using the AVI format. Apart from these features, VirtualDub also has various effects that can be added to the video to make the video more attractive and liked by many people.

3. AVS Video Editor

The Most Used Edit Video Software Youtubers and easy to use, namely AVS Video Editor, this software is a video application that can be the right choice for you to use video editing. AVS Video Editor software presents the advantages of Video Cache where users can easily edit Full-HD resolution videos quickly and smoothly without significant obstacles.

Not only that, AVS Video Editor also does not escape the embedding of other supporting features such as separating videos, cutting, providing text, also embedding audio for videos to be edited to make it more interesting. In addition, the AVS Video Editor prepares around 300 effects and transitions to provide interesting and popular video sensations.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Not only issuing software for editing photos, Adobe also offered a video editing application for PC called Adobe Premiere Pro. In this application, Adobe offers convenience and a variety of features to support editing good and interesting videos.

It's no secret if Adobe is indeed an expert in refining editing software for your photos or videos to be more interesting. In fact, the Adobe Premiere Pro application is practically a video editing application commonly used by professionals and reliable.

5. Avidemux

The next video editing application that is Avidemux, this software of course you can download and have for free. This application is perfect for those of you who only want to combine videos and add audio. With a simple interface, users can be even faster in the editing process to be more interesting.

6. Camtasia

Camtasia is another video editing software that is rich in features, but this video editing software is quite easy to use, suitable for beginners. This Camtasia software also offers many additional features. Besides being able to be used on Windows or Mac, this software also allows you to record your PC screen, so you can easily edit the software itself. Cool right, try it if you don't believe it.

Now that's the complete review of the 6 Most Used Video Edit Software Youtubers, which you can download and try now too. If there are questions that you want to ask, please just write directly in the bottom comment column. That is all and thank you.


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