7 of the Best Played Android Martial Arts Games

7 of the Best Played Martial Arts Games, Everyone has their own game. Some like car racing games, adventure games, and scary horror games. However, don't miss the martial arts or fighting game that has existed since the game era in the middle of the game. Even though it is now difficult to find an online machine, but you can still play the fighting game through your Android smartphone or tablet.

As usual, here I will give a full review of the 7 Best Android Martial Arts Games that are the Most Played. What are you curious about? The following is the list. Cekidot!


This first exciting martial and fighting game comes from a game hosted by ELECTRONIC ARTS. namely EA SPORTS UFC® which offers a fighting game with boxing sports concepts. In the game, EA SPORTS UFC® offers players to be able to choose one of the 70 boxers in this game.

After you choose the boxer then you are responsible for training it. You can train it to become a strong and invincible boxer. Don't forget to also participate in various events and tournaments to get rewards.

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the martial arts and fighting games which are quite popular among gamers. This can be seen with the number of downloaders reaching more than 2 million times on the Google PlayStore. Its popularity has its own reasons where Injustice: Gods Among Us has fun and fun games to play in your spare time.

In the game, Injustice: Gods Among Us carries a 3-game match system 3. Here, you only need to fight the enemy until the enemy blood bar runs out. You can play it by tapping the screen to attack your opponent. In addition to the gameplay that tends to be easy to understand, this game also offers several supporting features, one of which is online multiplayer. If you take advantage of this online multiplayer feature, you can fight and fight with Injustice: Gods Among Us players around the world.

3. Fatal Fury Special

The Next Most Played Martial Arts Android Game is Fatal Fury Special. Formerly a serial in the 1990s and now on an Android smartphone. This game includes retro graphics that are supported by 16 player characters, and many other interesting things to play.

Unfortunately this game has not experienced a new update for a long time. Especially the graphics, game play and control of the game just like that. There is also a new combo system where we can play games against other players using Bluetooth or generally called local multiplayer instead of online.

Besides that, the other nice thing about the game is that it is completely free without paying the slightest. In addition, there is also no application purchase in it.

4. Animelee

Animelee is a unique animal-themed fighting game. This martial game features various animals and each has a different martial movement. There are a total of 14 characters along with customization, story mode, and many more.

This game has a history of bugs that might harm some people. However, this game can quite entertain you all for those of you who don't take it too seriously and just want to let go of saturation. After all, this game is one of the few fighting games available for free without any fees.

5. Fight Club

Fight Club presents itself as an action and adventure fighting game. This game contains 20 levels, various tools to help yourself, and several other super cool powers. This game has nothing to do with movies that have the same name as games. Well, most of the battles in this game occur in dimly lit dungeons or at night.

This game is suitable for you to play when you are in your free time. The only downside to this martial game is the presence of advertisements in this game that are quite disturbing.

6. Muay Thai – Fighting Origins

Muay Thai is a type of martial arts from Thailand that is now very popular in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Muay Thai - Fighting Origins Game is one of the martial arts games that offers muay thai battles with all the skills of this martial art, whether it's punching, kicking, or blocking your opponent.

There are 60 different characters that you can choose as the characters you play. Muay Thai - Fighting Origins is a game with intuitive controls and graphics that are quite decent. No wonder this game has been installed 5 million times and got a 4.0 rating on the Play Store.

7. Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling Revolution is a famous game made by MDickie before Wrestling Revolution 3D. Although this is an old version of the game, but it is quite fun to play, especially for phones that have specifications below the average.

This game also takes themes such as the WWE wrestling championship, this game has a two-dimensional design. But this game still brings a strong atmosphere and interesting gameplay.

Now that's the complete review of the 7 Best Android Martial Arts Games that are the most played, which you can download and try now too. If there are questions that you want to convey, please write in the comments section below. That is all and thank you.


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