7 of the hardest Android games to be completed by gamers

7 The Most Difficult Android Games To Be Completed By Gamers, Playing a game is generally intended for players to feel fun (fun) or as a means to release fatigue and saturation that might be felt. But the more we come here we often encounter, playing games can actually make the players a little frustrated because the game is too difficult and difficult to finish.

Not because the game was not balanced but the developer deliberately designed it like that to make the game more challenging so that it attracted the attention of many people. Continuous training is sometimes needed so that we are accustomed to and can complete the level in the game.

But I feel that this kind of game is actually in great demand because it creates a high level of curiosity and the player will keep repeating until he can finish it. Here is a complete review of 7 of the hardest Android games to be completed by gamers, Cekidot!

1. The Room Three

The first most difficult game on Android is The Room Three, this game is a puzzle-based game that completes space and objects that maximizes the use of controls on your Android smartphone.

Overall, The Room Three is a premium mobile entertainment that won't disappoint and definitely makes you dizzy and frustrated. The core of the game series The Room itself is very similar to the classic adventure game that was released on a PC, only without the long-winded story telling and more focused on the aspect of solving puzzles that are very difficult to solve.

2. 2 Cars

In this game, you will control 2 cars, which are red and blue at the same time. Both of these cars drove on parallel roads while avoiding obstacles that were quite difficult. This game requires you to stay focused, and divide the concentration into the two cars that must be controlled.

3. Super Hexagon

The most difficult Android game to be completed by the next gamers has a simple appearance, but has a very difficult level of difficulty. Super Hexagon is one of the mobile games that is difficult to complete and quite challenging. Here, you have to rotate the center and adjust the hexagon that will fall in front of you.

Before that, it takes several minutes to learn the playing mechanism to understand, especially at the initial levels. The farther the level, the more difficult and faster the game will be, the colors and light displayed will be more glare, and very challenging. To download Super Hexagon you will be charged a fee of Rp. 36,000 without in-app purchase.

4. The Impossible Game

Even though the name is, of course some players still want to be interested in trying it. The Impossible Game has a simple playing mechanism, but it is very difficult. Here, you need to lead a small box to avoid the holes. If you fall, you have to start over again.

In order to reach the next levels, you will need a long playing time. Each level is very challenging to play and complete. However, this game is quite lucky, because it presents a checkpoint system to reduce the level of difficulty playing. The price of The Impossible Game is Rp. 12,000 for you to download on Google PlayStore.


VVVVVV is a super difficult game, its popularity had skyrocketed because success caused frustration for anyone who wanted to play it. In this 2D platformer game you play as Viridian captain who is trapped into a spooky dimension, where you have to save the entire crew in 8 levels provided in this game.

With the simplicity of gameplay and visuals that are at a glance almost the same as DOS games, VVVVVV itself gets appreciation because of its very high level and difficulty level. But to download it, prepare funds of Rp. 38,000 beforehand and whatever happens, you have to be patient to play this game.

6. Out there: Omega edition

Going into space like a dream in broad daylight, it is certain that most of us will never be able to explore space. For you who really want to be an Astronaut, you should try the following games.

This game is a simulation game that puts you as an astronaut who gets lost in space, the simulation gameplay is not marketable because combining survival games with strategy elements is very challenging and certainly makes you frustrated. Prepare a stock of fuel, oxygen cylinders, and also pulses of IDR 76,000 to play Out there: Omega edition now.

7. Bloody Games

This game also tests patience. How to play it, namely by fighting quickly can even make your fingers calloused. The most important thing is that you don't exceed the specified time limit.

When it's almost done, your patience is again tested because there will be big brained scientists who appear and taunt you. He will say that you only use a little of your brain.

Now that was the full review of the 7 Hardest Android Games Achieved by Gamers, which you can download and try now too. If there are questions that you want to submit, please write in the comments column at the bottom, yes. That is all and thank you.


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