7 of the Most Popular Android Bus Simulator Games 2019

7 of the Most Popular Best Android Bus Simulator Games in 2019, Games are really fun to play to fill your spare time, get rid of boredom, and so on. The game consists of various kinds, one of which is the simulator game genre. Games with this genre are very well liked by many groups such as children, teenagers, even old people.

Currently there are various types of games with the best simulations that you can download through the official download container for Android, the Google Play Store. If you play with this type, then you will feel the same playing experience as the original or in real life.

Well, this time I will give you the 7 Most Popular Android Bus Simulator Games 2019. I wonder what the game is like? Here is the full review, check it out!

1. Bus Simulator 3D

You can do a simulation game driving a bus by downloading this Bus Simulator 3D game. This game presents 3D graphics that are very real. In addition, you can also feel the sensation of driving various types of buses that have been provided.

You can be a reliable bus driver like in real life. This game provides a variety of backgrounds, such as in the mountainous, urban, rural, and other areas. There is even a traffic system that is equated with real life. Curious and want to play it?

2. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Feeling to be a bus driver in Indonesia? Try this Indonesian Bus Simulator game, you might be able to get the sensation of being a bus driver between cities, between provinces, even between islands like a bus driver in Indonesia. This game was built and made by Maleo developer.

Bus Simulator Indonesia or commonly abbreviated as BUSSID provides button controls to drive simulator buses easily and also simply. Besides that, this game also provides buses that are originally from Indonesia, guys.

3. Farming Simulator 18

This game will present how you become a modern farmer. Starting from gardening, raising livestock, to harvesting agricultural products and then selling them. Here, you will do farming activities using modern vehicles and engines.

This one game has a wide enough world for you to explore, with realistic 3D graphics guaranteed not to make you bored quickly. You can also play with your friends via WLAN and Bluetoth. However, this game is priced at 66,000 rupiah on Google Play.

4. Train Simulator Uphill Drive

This game is one of the simulation genre games with the best graphics available on Android. You will feel the experience of riding a train to get around the city, pick up passengers, and control the speed of the train to run safely.

This game will provide various trains, from old trains to modern trains. In addition, you can choose the country you like to explore with this super cool train. Not only that, you can also complete the mission given by this game.

5. Construction Simulator 2

The Next Most Popular Android Bus Simulator Game in 2019 is that you will feel how to build roads, buildings, etc. using heavy equipment. This game will present a real-life playing experience when you want to build the road and the building by driving the heavy equipment.

The vehicle in this game is so realistic that makes you feel at home while playing it. In addition, there are various interesting missions that you can complete.

6. Bus Driver 3D

This game will present a very real bus driving experience with 3D treats. So, this game is perfect for those of you who have aspirations to become bus drivers or other big vehicles.

This game has a mission that is very difficult to play and very challenging. One mission that is quite challenging is that you have to deliver the passengers quickly before the time-out. However, you must prioritize passenger safety so that your mission runs smoothly.

7. Supir Bus Dr. Panda

This game is very suitable to be played by children. Because in the game made by Dr. This Panda Ltd you don't pick people up, but pick up cute and adorable animals.

You have the role of being a bus driver who is a panda animal. The tasks that you will do later will of course take cute animal passengers wherever they go.

The presentation provided by this game seems funny so that children prefer this game. Well, if you have children aged 3 to 7 years, try to present this game to him. Guaranteed he will be happy when playing it.

Well, that's the 7 Most Popular Android Bus Simulator Games in 2019. What, are you interested in playing it? Hurry up and download it now and feel the sensation. If there are questions that you want to submit, please write in the comments column at the bottom, yes. That is all and thank you.


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