Android Online Strategy Game 5 Rated Best 2019

5 Most Popular Online Game Android Best Strategy 2019, Playing games on Android smartphones is certainly fun. But keep in mind there are many types take existing games, one of which is the android strategy games online that you can choose. This strategy android game is very popular today even much competition that engage players in this genre.

This strategy game there are two kinds of games that can be played online, but there also could be played offline. Android strategy game certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each depending on the tastes of gamers. Lots of the latest strategy game that keeps popping up and can you make a choice.

For more details about android games online strategy consider the following reviews have ya. I will review about the Android Online Strategy Game 5 Rated Best in 2019, Cekidot!

1. Lords Mobile

Apart from being one of the best online games in the first Android mobile Lords, this game can also be a smart solution for you who like to play strategy games. Mobile Lords is a game in which the players will set the sniper war strategy.

Of course, you have to set the right strategy to win against the enemy, from the strategy of attacking positions, alliances, and so forth. Not only that, Lords Mobile also has a myriad of features that are fun to play, you know.

2. Mobile Legends

For the second strategy game is a game that must already no stranger to the player Indonesia and Asia. Game dibesut by moonton have already played more than 100 million users and the rating of the game itself has been epic to reach 4.4.

Bang bang mobile gaming legend has a pretty good graphics and game play is very easy to use with the help of a simple arrangement but still interesting, there you will play 5vs5 in arena 3 land, toplane, midlane and botline. 

Not only that, you will fight using a hero which has a lot of character. And in this game, you can also upgrade emblem in accordance with the character of your hero.

3. LINE Let’s Get Rich

Android Online Strategy Game 2019 Rated Best third-order online you can play the game very well known in his time in 2015. Although it has been a long time, this game still became a top trending today

For game LINE Let's Get Rich is spelled out is a simple game and simple to play. But besides that you can challenge people all over the world. And later you will be offered an interesting item that makes us not too tired to play.

4. Clash of Clans

The fourth place game Clash of Clans, this game is an android online strategy game where players build a community, train troops, attack other players to earn gold and elixir and Dark Elixir.

Something was hunted because it can be used to build a defense players from attacks by other players, as well as to train and upgrade the soldiers they had. This game is perfect for you who need the experience of playing that sharpen the brain because this game can make your brain thinking and careful in taking decisions.

5. Vainglory

For the fifth strategy game is also not less interesting than the games mentioned above. Game Vainglory linked more similar to its popular PC game DOTA. But this Vainglory more popular game in android today after Mobile Legends.

MOBA genre game and is pretty good strategy for you dimainkan.jika MOBA genre game players certainly also fits perfectly with this game, even a game of vainglory has become one in the list of 5 best android strategy games in 2015.

Well that was a full review of Android Online Strategy Game 5 Rated Best in 2019, you can download and you try it today. If you have any questions you want to say please write a comment dikolom yes. That is all and thank you.


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