Android Strategy Game 5 Offline Top Rated 2019

You are tired with your daily activities? Or you get bored with what you do every day? Relax for a moment to take advantage of your android smartphone with Android strategy played a few games. With it then you can feel different things.

As always, I would recommend some games to be playable in your spare time. Yes, I will give some of the best android strategy game exciting and certainly suitable for you to play in their spare time.

This strategy game besides interesting to play, these games can also sharpen your brain to be more careful and quick in making plans or decisions. Well here it is 5 Offline Top Android Games Best Strategy 2019, Cekidot!

1. Chess

Already familiar with this game, right? Yes, the game of chess is a strategy game that pretty much in demand, especially for the people of Indonesia. Well, this chess game is now present as a digital game, so you do not have to bother with chessboard everywhere.

In this chess game, you can enjoy a variety of features, ranging from 5 selection of interesting themes, 7 difficulty levels, two players play mode, the interface is simple but still pleasing to the eye, even the capacity of this game is classified as very mild.

Perhaps many people are familiar with this one exciting game. Even though it looks simple and modest, but Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy game that is quite challenging and difficult to resolve.

In this game, you have to set the strategy for deploying weapons in the form of plants to fight the zombies in order not to get into the park. However, not just put a plant, you will also face the zombies are quite strong. Each of the levels will appear the zombies are getting stronger and hard to be prevented from entering into the house.

Android Strategy Games Offline Top Rated its next 2019 Castle Doombad. This exciting game of strategy games selian entry may also fall tower defense game for the game that you will play as criminals who defend human tower

In detail, your task in this game is to make people fail to rescue the princess who has been captured by you and placed on the top floor of the castle. This game is a game that is quite unique because usually someone playing as a hero, but it is now placed as criminals who have guns in the form of traps, bows and so forth.

Do not Starve a game production by the developer Klei Entertainment. The developer made a strategy game where you have to survive in any conditions and wherever you are. Players will be thrown into an alien planet and your job only one that survived.

Of course a lot of things to do when you are trying to survive, let alone being on the planet who does not know where. You can create a shelter, making equipment, fighting with creatures other planets and of course looking for food.

Ninja Village could also be the right choice if you are looking for a unique strategy game but still relaxed to play in their spare time. In this game, you will be crowned or act as chairman of the association ninja or referred to in this game is Ninja Clan.

Of course there must be a strategy that you do to maintain your ninja clan. There are several things that should be needed, such as trains, fire and other equipment to maintain the clan from enemy attack. also as chairman should help to unify Japan.

Well, that was a full review of Android Strategy Game 5 Offline Top Rated 2019, you can download and you try it today. If you have any questions you want to say please write a comment dikolom yes. That is all and thank you.


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