8 Moba's Latest Most Popular iOS Games 2019

The Latest Most Popular Most Popular Moba Games 2019, Games with the online multiplayer genre battle arena or commonly called MOBA are very popular among gamers around the world. There's even a tournament of its own, you know.

For me, this game is very exciting because it can be played with friends, the current term ‘mabar‘ or playing together. Apart from that, the complexity that exists makes many gamers in the world challenged.

The goal is clear, you will play as part of a team to destroy the main tower on the opponent's base. In one team must be considered to have a hero with different roles, specialty, and skills. Well without lingering for a long time, the following is a complete review of the 8 Most Popular Moba Games in the Latest 2019 Most Popular. Cekidot!

1. Vainglory

Super Evil Megacorp is very serious about working on the game, named Vainglory, to master the MOBA genre on mobile platforms. Since being released globally in the last quarter, they routinely added various content to it while continuing to polish the appearance and mechanism of the game.

The proof is that players in Indonesia who are members of a Facebook group alone have reached more than 1,600 people (and counting). The quality they present really deserves thumbs up to the point that Apple gave the Apple Design Award at the 2015 Worldwide Developer Conference.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The game Moonton is still the most popular mobile MOBA game in Indonesia. Because Mobile Legends comes earlier and is lighter than moba games in general so it can be played on IOS-based system devices.

Unfortunately the issue of network problems and indications of a weak server make lag often approaching Mobile Legends players in Indonesia while playing cool. This is certainly quite annoying and also frustrating when playing in ranked match.

3. Call of Champions

This game is a game made by Spacetime Studios. Different from the two games I mentioned earlier, this game takes the core of an MOBA game and removes attributes that are considered too confusing for a mobile game.

This was indeed seen as a shortcoming, because it was considered incomplete as a MOBA game in general. But, after trying to play, I became aware of the reason behind removing all these attributes. This game puts action ahead of strategy. Not that the strategy is completely eliminated, but the portion for more action than you have to be confused with is choosing suitable accessories so that your hero becomes stronger.

4. Heroes Evolved

The next most popular 2019 Moba Best iOS Game, Heroes Evolved, this one game is worthy of you to play. At first glance this game is almost similar to the Mobile Legends game, but of course there are some differences.

From the folder itself, there is a fog of war feature that will make the map completely dark. In addition, the recall feature can not only be used to return to headquarters but you can also teleport to any tower that is still standing. The choice of heroes also varies.

5. Arena of Valor (AOV)

For this one game, surely gamers in Indonesia will not be unfamiliar with the Arena of Valor (AOV) game. This new MOBA game is quite popular among Indonesian gamers. The proof is that there are national scale AOV tournaments held in Indonesia, such as the 2017 Battle of Valor and 2018 AOV Star League.

This game itself was released by technology companies from China, namely Tencent and in Indonesia itself is under Garena. This game has a gameplay that is not much different from Mobile Legend, but the graphics from AOV are better and spoil the eyes and the server is more stable even though the smartphone internet connection is bad.

There is something unique about this game. Besides the original heroes, AOV also has characters taken from DC Comics stories such as Flash, Joker, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Flash. If checked, the AOV game currently has more than 5 million downloads, both for Android and iOS.

6. Heroes of Order & Chaos

If VainGlory only relies on one main map. In this Heroes of Order & Chaos there are 3 parts of a folder like MOBA in a PC. Namely the middle, top, and bottom and also equipped by forests that are on the three roads.

With maps that are large enough, the intensity in the game will also increase. In addition, there are more and more heroines and skills in the game, so other possibilities such as comeback, counter, etc. will be more likely to occur.

7. Bug Heroes 2

Insects also turned out that life did not get along with each other and clashed to destroy the rival headquarters. The Foursaken Media-made game presents a battle action between various insects with each unique weapon. You can play as bee boxers, or worms with rifle grenades, to ant warriors in this game.

Even though this game is an MOBA game, developers also embed various single player game modes. Some game modes can be enjoyed alone without having to connect to the internet network. In addition, you can also upgrade to various insects here.

8. Heroes of Soulcraft

This game is an MOBA which is predicted to replace the position of various similar games that have been circulating in advance, such as Vainglory, Heroes of Order & Chaos, and Ace of Arenas. Not only intends to shift the dominance of other games, this game also offers shorter gameplay tailored to the behavior of mobile gamers.

You can participate in battles 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5. Depending on the size of the team, the fight in this game can run for fifteen minutes. More interestingly, you can leave the game even though it is still in the middle of a fight, because the game will fill in the blanks with other players soon.

Now that was the full review of the 2019 Most Popular 8 Most Popular Moba Games, which you can try right now. If there are questions that you want to convey, please write in the comments column at the bottom. That is all and thank you.


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