The 8 Most Popular HD Android Games Size Under 50MB

8 of the most popular HD Android games most popular in size below 50MB, playing games for empty free time is the right choice. Because filling time by playing games can sharpen the brain. Because in each game there is something you have to solve until dexterity to play games is very necessary to release your feeling of saturation.

But what if in fact you like to play games but the android smartphone that you use cannot support large-sized games. Surely you have to take care of that by choosing a game that has a small size but even though it is small in size, but the game that I will discuss will certainly be very exciting and make you addicted! Let's just read the full review of the 58 Most Popular HD Android Games Most Popular Size Under 50MB, Cekidot!

1. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook is one of the games that has a size below 50MB, which is more precisely just 37.80MB in size. This game is perfect for those of you who like unique fishing games.

This game is given with graphics that are so interesting and cool. The fish you get from these fishing games vary in size from the smallest to the biggest shark. Digame also you can change your fishing rod to make it better and stronger for fishing big fish.

2. 300 : Seize Your Glory

Exciting game titled 300: Seize Your Glory has a file size of 45, only 22MB. This game has a narrative background about the days of the Spartan war. Where you can compete against enemies by using swords with graphics that are so good that the game becomes more exciting and tense. A good battle is at the sea and on the boat, so the feel is tense when you play this game.

3. 3D Rollercoaster Rush New York

Digital Chocolate developers are indeed developers who are quite reliable in presenting addictive games. Like the New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush which is quite exciting, it has been proven that 5 million downloads have been recorded on the Google Play Store. Flat in New York City, here you will be required to control a roller coaster to stay on rails that cross the entire city so as not to lose control and fall. There are also obstacles here that will make the game more challenging and very suitable for releasing saturation.

4. Dead Effect 2

The Most Popular Best HD Android Games Size Under the next 50MB, Dead Effect 2, this game is an Android sci-fi shooter with fun RPG elements. This game has an interesting and exciting storyline. Digame you can develop your character so you can be stronger to face the enemy.

5. Bima X

BIMA X is the official application for the Indonesian TV series Satria Garuda BIMA-X. There may be many players who will be familiar with this game because it is very similar to other popular series such as Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.

This game offers the opportunity to engage in one-on-one battles in the style of Street Fighter and Tekken, only here you play a group of monsters. In total there are many characters that can be played, including the main character and also the villain. You can also choose skins for each character.

6. Hot Wheels: Race Off

We already know that Hot Wheels brings the fame of the diecast physical toys they make. Interestingly, this game was different from the previous Hot Wheels game series, which featured car racing games as usual.

However, this time the race presented follows on his physical toys. You just have to do gas and brakes to run the car on the track, and try to keep the speed from getting out of the track.

7. SoulCraft

The next game is called Soulcraft, which is one of the best RPG genre games for Android devices. This Soulcraft game itself has been presented with stories or gameplay and also a stunning graphics display and spoils your users. However, the advantages of this one game are not just the gameplay and graphics, but the size of this game is only around 50 MB too.

For those of you who really like to play adventure RPG games, but having an Android device that has almost full storage media capacity, then this Soulcraft game is the best alternative for you. With graphics quality and awesome gameplay, you can play this game on your standard Android phone.

8. Asphalt Nitro

This Asphalt 8 downgrade series comes with fairly minimalist packaging. However, there is no very significant difference from Asphalt 8 itself. Speeding, collision, and acrobatic action are still well presented in this best small-sized Android HD game.

You can also use various types of luxury cars that exist and you can also upgrade and modify your flagship car. There are also multiplayer features that you can play with other people.

Now that's the complete review of the 8 Most Popular HD Android Games Most Popular Size Under 50MB, which you can download and play now. If there are questions that you want to submit, please write in the comments column at the bottom, yes. That is all and thank you.
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